• Introduction to Basic Database Concepts (Data; Database; DBMS; SQL; Entities; Attributes; Relationships; ERD).
  • Database Design and Modelling (Analyzing the requirements; Identify entities and relationships; Normalization Forms).
  • Introduction to SQL (Server, Schema, DB, Table; SQL statements; DDL/DML/DCL/TCL; Data Types; Constraints).
  • Using DDL and DML Statements (Create and Manage Tables; Insert, Select Into; Update vs Delete vs Truncate).  
  • Working with SQL Queries – I (Retrieve Data; Filtering and Sorting; Insert, Update and Delete data)
  • Working with SQL Queries – II (Merge Statements; Declaring and using Variables; Aggregate Functions; Joins; Views; User-defined Functions (UDF); Stored Procedures) 
  • Advanced TSQL (Retrieving Data Using Subqueries; Using the Set Operators; Using Triggers; Indexing; Window Functions; Temp Table vs Table Variable vs CTE; Working with Cursors; Transactions ) 
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization (Database Tuning; Error logging; Troubleshooting)  
  • Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse – [Bonus]
  • SSIS (Introduction to SSIS and DW; Basic ETL entities in SSIS; SSIS Expressions and package debugging; Data transformation and ETL; SSIS customization with .NET; SCD transformation – ETL/DW; CDC for ETL/DW; Events, errors and Logging; SSIS projects and packages deployment; SSIS package security and reports)
  • SSRS (Intro to SSRS; Reporting services and architecture; Intro to SSRS tools; Report planning and design; Report datasets and data sources; Report Designs; Report Models; Report Deployment; Report Delivery; Monitoring Reports; Managing Reports; SSRS Loggings; Report Scheduling and Subscriptions; SSRS Configurations and security)
  • Power BI (Intro to Power BI; Creating Power BI Reports and Visualizations; DAX queries; Power BI Report Deployment) –  [Bonus]
  • SSAS (Intro to SSAS; Data warehouse architecture; Basic SSAS entities; Facts vs Dimensions; Cubes; MDX/DAX; SSAS Deployment and Loggings; OLAB DB Management)
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Azure Synapse) – [Bonus]
  • Introduction to DBA: Database Basics; SQL Server Architecture & T-SQL
  • Basic SQL DBA : Transactions; Locks, Blocks and Deadlocks; Partitioning;  Backup, Restores, and recovery options; Replication and Log shipping; Jobs
  • Advanced SQL DBA: SQL Server Performance Tuning; Always-On AG and Fail-Over Clustering; SQL Server Profiler; HA/DR Options; Troubleshooting issues; DB Mail and Alerts;
  • Azure SQL Database (Fundamentals and Azure Tuning; Azure SQL DBA Concepts; HA/DR; Security; Power Shell) – [Bonus]

Java development.

.Net Developer.


1 Weeks

Each Course duration is 10 weeks, 6 hours per week (three days/week) live training and 20 hours per week student course work.

You’ll get a recorded version of each classes at the end of each live sessions.

Note: This is a job oriented training, with real time scenarios and projects.

1 % OFF

Each Course fee is $2000, if you’d like to take two or more courses, you’ll get a discount of 50% off for first additional course and 75% off for the third course.

Payment is to be done in two installments: $1000 at the beginning of the course and $1000 in the middle of the course.